Nope! We formulated Presence to exclude all these problematic ingredients which might mean certain people couldn’t use and benefit from it.

No (nor any other animal-derived ingredients, for that matter). Presence contains 100% vegan friendly ingredients. These plant-based, [92]% organic by weight ingredients are carefully chosen to boost your body’s internal production of collagen and more directly nourish your skin, hair and nails. From a health perspective, we think this makes a lot more sense than drinking collagen from a different species! This way, you can receive the same hair, skin and nails benefits you’d get from taking collagen, without the sustainability and animal-cruelty consequences. Collagen is only available from animal derived sources, usually cows or fish (natural collagen can never be vegan). As a result, there are many animal-cruelty and sustainability issues with collagen production. With bovine (cow) sourced collagen, X tons of methane are emitted, X gallons of water are used and X hectares of forest are cleared every day by the US cattle industry. We’ve been overfishing the oceans for many decades now so marine collagen is unfortunately not much better.

Yes! Presence was formulated precisely with that goal in mind. It contains ingredients that have been proven in clinical studies to improve hair, skin and nails health, no matter what skin or hair type you have. This is partly due to just how comprehensive our formulation is. It has [19] active ingredients while other beauty from within formulations have a median of [7]. This way it helps support your hair, skin and nails in many different ways, ensuring that no matter what your specific profile is, Presence will be effective.

Presence is suitable for nearly everyone: female, male and non-binary / transgender. That said, we want to take a cautious approach, so we do have some exceptions. First, we don’t recommend anyone under the age of 18 take Presence. Second, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with pre-existing medical conditions and anyone taking medication, please consult with your doctor before taking Presence. This is common sense advice and applies to all nutritional supplements.

No! It’s perfectly suitable for women, men and non-binary / transgender folks. It has been specifically formulated to avoid ingredients that may only work for a certain gender.

Transparent supply-chain, organic and whole food sourced Most products use proprietary blends to hide how much of each ingredient goes in, and use only non-organic and lab-created synthetic ingredients (because it’s cheaper). We show exactly how much of each ingredient Presence contains. We tell you where, when and who they came from with our Harvest to Home ingredient tracking [link to transparency page]). We filled Presence with organic ingredients (92% by weight). Finally, all our ingredients have the cleanest rating on EWG. No toxic, nasty ingredients with side effects. Genuine science backing (not wishful thinking) Fos' Scientific Advisory Board includes academics from Johns Hopkins university who helped us formulate Presence using cutting-edge science. Other products cite scientific research but only include 10% of the dose used in the study. We include the dose actually used in the 100s of clinical trials our ingredients feature in. So Presence actually works. More ingredients = more effective Other products contain a median of only 7 active ingredients to skimp on cost. Presence has [21] and includes nearly every vegan skin, hair and nails ingredient out there. Cost-Effective Presence' active ingredients are some of the world's most potent for nourishing hair, skin and nails. But buying them separately would cost you $100s every month. Luckily, with Presence, you don’t have to.

Sure, it’s totally possible! But most people find it hard to maintain a balanced diet 24/7. You get busy at work or your kids need something on the table ASAP. So you order pizza; nothing wrong with that! But during those moments it’s even more important you’re supplementing your diet with the right nutrition. Presence is a convenient way to ensure your skin is getting all the nutritional support it needs, day in, day out - no matter what life throws your way.

Nope! Just healthy ingredients. Most of them are certified organic.

The FDA only approves prescription and over the counter drugs, not nutritional supplements. Presence is a natural product without any drugs in it, so it cannot be FDA approved. It is manufactured in the US (check out our transparency page, here) that is FDA certified and follows the legal requirements of the FDA as well as cGMP manufacturing rules. In short, although it’s not directly regulated by the FDA, its manufacturing process is subject to a range of independent rules and safeguards, which mean it’s a very clean, consistent and safe product to take.

Yes to all of the above! Presence contains just over 1 gram of carbohydrates per serve.


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